Seismic exploration methods

Seismic methods not only play a central role in the geophysical exploration of deposits (oil and gas, lignite, copper, uranium, natural mineral ressources, salt and geothermal). They also can be applied to provide suitable solutions in the field of construction and the environmental sector. We offer the following services:

Weightdrop EWG III
Accelerated weightdrop EWG-III, ©GGD mbH

A particular strength in our range of services is near-surface seismology. In the vicinity of one of the biggest lignite producers worldwide the development and improvement of this technique played an important role in mapping of geological sub-surface structures during the last 3 decades. The resulting technology can also be applied in the following fields:

close refractions
Investigation of a Quaternary channel by use of high-resolution shallow seismology, ©GGD mbH

In addition, refraction seismology is used to determine different propagation velocities in order to, for example, draw conclusions on rock lithology. The method is often used for:

Hybrid seismology
Joint analysis of seismic refraction- and reflection data (hybrid seismology), ©GGD mbH

S-wave velocity profiles can also be derived through Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves - MASW.

We also apply seismic methods to boreholes:

In order to obtain physical parameters the space between boreholes, mines and ground surface can be investigated by seismic tomography for:

We perform seismic surveys with a modern seismic acquisition system (S·Land Hybrid Data Acquisition System by Seismic Instruments Inc.)with more than 700 digital geophones. Additionally, hydrophones, horizontal geophones and geophone strings as well as a 48-channel landstreamer can be used with the SI system, which allows telemetric data transmission as well as wireless usage. For special purposes we also use a ABEM Terralogic system. Our acquisition system is completed by seismic sources such as accelerated weightdrops EWG-III and EWG-I, a SISSY device as well as vibrators of different size and energy levels provided by our partners. For borehole seismology we own a p- and s-wave sparker. Apart from that we company and several staff hold the respective certificates to use explosives as a seismic source.